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Exhaust after treatment solutions for superyachts

XEAMOS has been founded as a joint venture by NPS Diesel and Solfic Energy & Emission. A decade ago Solfic initiated an extensive R&D program to develop exhaust after treatment systems for specific marine and industrial applications and is a well known solution supplier for marine engine emission reduction in The Netherlands. In the meantime NPS Diesel established an almost worldwide sales and service network for superyacht generators and a combination of both companies’ strength became obvious. The new company with experienced grass roots is based in the Netherlands and serves superyacht shipyards and superyacht owners.


The Expertise of both companies cover all relevant variables, such as knowledge of common exhaust layouts, hull penetrations, allowable back pressure, classification, safety, space constraints and noise & vibration requirements. The result will be a practical exhaust system design for your (refit) project that is compact as possible, innovative and price competitive. We take care of your design requirements and cooperate with any shipyard and/or naval architect.

Main propulsion engines
Generator sets
Complete exhaust systems



Electrical Zero Soot System

Electrically regenerated Zero Soot Systems are available for diesel engines of 4,4 up-to 13 liter swept volume. The electrical heater can be applied for both regeneration and load bank functions. At each Zero Soot System, an automatic safety bypass valve is provided as a standard feature to ensure maximum availability of the generator in case of unforeseen issues.


Xeamos designs and manufactures IMO Tier III compliant SCR systems. Both In-line and Compact versions are available to fit in any narrow engine room. The NOx is reduced by Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with addition of urea (Ad Blue) injection in the exhaust gases.


Fuel burner regenerated Zero Soot Systems are available for diesel engines of 6 liter swept volume and above. The innovative Xeamos burner guarantees reliable regeneration at any engine load, even with sulphur containing fuels. The burner system is designed to start and operate at high and fluctuating back pressure. An integrated automatic bypass valve is available to ensure safety and generator availability. The optional harbour mode maintains a minimum exhaust gas temperature to ensure optimum HC reduction at low generator loads.


All in one either individual housing. To save space and cost, Xeamos offers combinations of Zero Soot & Zero NOx (DPF & SCR) in one reactor/ silencer unit or as two separate reactors units. The system is equipped with an electrical heater or a fuel burner to regenerate the diesel particle filters.


Soundown is leader in exhaust systems and noise control, based in the USA. Xeamos and Soundown team up with the aim to design and supply customised low-emission exhaust system solutions for motor & sailing yacht projects. With a one-stop-shop approach a fully customized wet or dry exhaust system can be offered, including IMO Tier III compliant SCR catalyst system, with or without a Diesel Particulate Filter system.

Soundown’s range of exhaust products include silencers, risers, spray rings, and FRP exhaust piping. Based on a project’s requirements these items can be supplied as individually or as complete systems. All Soundown silencers and FRP piping are Lloyd’s approved.


Xeamos stands out when it comes to system architecture of after treatment systems that will save cost and space. You can think of combined controllers and urea supply systems for multiple engines or smart combinations of SCR, DPF and silencer.


Both main engines and auxiliary engines can be pre-certified according the NTC2008. Xeamos has EIAPP certificates of various engine models in posession.

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