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XEAMOS, with extensive experience in designing bespoke exhaust after treatment systems, is based in the Netherlands and serves superyacht shipyards and owners as well as leading yards in the commercial sector.

XEAMOS came into being as brand new company founded on years of exprience and knowledge. Established as a joint venture by NPS Diesel and Solfic Energy & Emission, XEAMOS provides bespoke solutions for every exhaust system. 

Combining the strenght of both companies, Solfic and NPS Diesel set out on a mission together to provide a new exhaust after treatment service. Where Solfic Energy & Emission expertise initiated an extensive R&D program to develop exhaust after treatment systems for specific marine and industrial applications, NPS Diesel had established an almost worldwide sales and service network for superyacht generators. 

  • Tailored designs
  • Tested and certified systems
  • In-house design and production


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Whatever sector you are working in, the need to work sustainable and efficient is a top priority. For each sector, XEAMOS provides solutions which are tailored to the specific needs and desires from all stakeholders involved in different industries. Read more about the sectors we support.

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