Inland navigation

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Waterway transport is a very efficient and straightforward approach to achieve a cost-effective and sustainable method of transport. However, this all has to happen without putting too much strain on the environment. Several stakeholders, including the public, governments and investors, demand long-term solutions for a greener and sustainable transport via waterways. 

In the years to come, more emphasis on the sustainability of waterway transport is to be expected. To be well prepared and stay a step ahead of the game, XEAMOS solutions can help you take the next step towards the future of inland navigation and transportation. Using our expertise, we help you find the right solution.

Stage V

Since the end of the last decade of the 20th century, European legislation has increasingly focussed on reducing emissions for 'non-road mobile machinery'(NRMM) engines. Where the first stages focussed on industrial support equipment, stage V, which was introduced in 2014, will also include regulations for engines commonly used in inland navigation. Limits have already been tightened in the Stage V regulations and are likely to be even more restricted in the nearby future, which makes the use of an after treatment system nearly inevitable, if not mandatory. Apart from international legislation, several European countries have individually chosen to already use even stricter limits. 

Tailored service 

Working with experts with a lifetime of experience when it comes to designing and fitting engines, XEAMOS will help you find the right solution for your system. Keeping in mind the latest requirements with regards to European and international legislation, we also create solutions for older engines as well as engines in a limited space. Throughout and after the commissioning process, we're happy to assist you with regards to any questions you might have and assist with the neccesitated maintenance, ensuring that you can optimally use our solutions without any concerns.