Yacht owner satisfaction is often leading in choosing an exhaust after treatment system. Greasy deposits in swimming water, the smell of diesel fuel and a stained deck must be prohibited at all time. Especially because yachts tend to moor for longer periods of time, a well-functioning filter is neccesairy to keep the yacht and its surrounding clean and enjoyable. 

Emission Control Areas

The coastal areas of the Carribean and North America are commonly known as Emission Control Areas. In these areas, the IMO Tier III-legislation is in force. As a consequence, yachts sailing in these areas need to comply with the latest regulations when it comes to emission. XEAMOS develops and installs the neccesitated after treatment solutions for these areas.

Tailored service 

Working with experts with a lifetime of experience when it comes to designing and fitting engines, XEAMOS will help you find the right solution for your system. Keeping in mind the latest requirements with regards to European and international legislation, we also create solutions for older engines as well as engines in a limited space. Throughout and after the commissioning process, we're happy to assist you with regards to any questions you might have and assist in the neccesitated maintenance, ensuring that you can optimally use our solutions without any further concern.