XEAMOS provides bespoke solutions for every exhaust system. Taking into account your specific requirements, we aim to deliver top-level designs which aren't just compact and innovative, but also price competitive.

Main propulsion engines

XEAMOS engineers have years of experience in designing and testing exhaust after treatment systems for any type of main propulsion engine.

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Generator sets

Used on generator sets, XEAMOS exhaust after treatment helps to reduce emission. Regardless of which generator you are using, we can offer a suitable solution.

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Complete exhaust systems

Fully customisable exhaust systems provide new opportunities to offer an efficient and complete solution. The one-stop-shop principle means you receive an optimal solution as quickly and straightforward as possible.

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System architecture

Low cost, limited space, good quality. We understand that you want the best from your exhaust after treatment system. Our engineers will help you create such a system, tailored to your specific needs.

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