System architecture

An exhaust after treatment system is a very specific piece of engineering which does not only have to fit your setup, but, more importantly, also has to meet your wishes and requirements. Even though we aim to provide a broad range of products, there is a chance that we do not seem have the most suitable system for you in our standard range of products. But, with years of experience on board, our engineers are happy to take your requirements into account when desigining a bespoke solution for your system. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

XEAMOS stands out when it comes to system architecture of exhaust after treatment systems that save cost and space. You can think of combined controllers and urea supply systems for multiple engines or smart combinations of SCR, DPF and silencer. These all-in-one models combine the SCR and DPF sytems and are assembled with related components. For engine rooms with limited space or a complex design we'll deliver a customised solution. Furthermore, there are several different options available to finetune the system to your wishes.