Array Industries - Wintershall L8-P4


Let’s reduce emission together | Array Industries - Wintershall L8-P4


Wintershall is one of the larger producers of natural gas in the Netherlands. Operating a total of 26 offshore installations in the North Sea, they aim to meet the demand for natural energy until there are sufficient sustainable alternatives available. Together with Array Industries we have worked on manufacturing a custom SCR unit, designed to reduce the NOx emission of the gas-generator on the production platform L8-P4, located approximately 81km north of Den Helder.

 The challenge in the project was to create a custom solution within the limited space available on the offshore location.After the design phase and the production of components was completed successfully, Array Industries arranged the completion of the skid, after which the skid was fitted and commissioned on board the L8-P4.

Thanks to the close and fruitful cooperation with our partner Array Industries as well as customer Wintershall, the end result is an SCR fitted just below the helideck which reduces NOx well below the BEMS emission legislation limit of 340 mg/Nm³ @ 3% O2. This made the Wintershall L8-P4 the first offshore platform on the Dutch Continental Shelf to be BEMS legislation compliant. A perfect example of reducing emission together!







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