Ijveer 61

 Four generators, Two Dual Exhaust After Treatment Systems. IJveer 61 is prepared for the future. 

Amsterdam; a lively city that has learned to live with water. This even reflects in public transport: many pedestrians and cyclists who need to travel from the southern part of the city to the northern part - the city is seperated by 'het Ij', use one of the many ferries to quickly move around the city. Ijveer 61 is one of the ferries which is used every day to support public transport from Amsterdam Central Station and Buiksloterweg and when it recently went into service, the ferry has been fitted with a Dual Exhaust After Treatment System.

The four generators are cleaned by two systems; the connection between the engines and after treatment system made possible by a specific exhaust valve system. As a result, Ijveer 61 now sails clean, with emissions well below the Stage V standard and emission reduction with a diesel particulate filter, SCR catalyst as well as a silencer. 



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